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La Fanfare D'occasion

// music on the move //

La Fanfare D’occasion

// free roving-orchestra //

With "La Fanfare D'occasion", the two main musicians of the Cie Le Plus Petit Espace Possible, Elise Chatelain and Séverine Fel (trombone and tuba) gather musicians, dancers, actors and clowns to set up some pocket-size protean brass band.

All of the artists belong to the improvisation school, so that they create a new show each times, according to the situations and the meetings.

The sounds, the gestures, the dances, the musics and the actions are filled with the spaces and the moment.

It's a new way to see and hear the world around us.

it’s  more than 200 shows in Europa and around 30000 spectators.       
In  2014, "La Fanfare D'occasion" was selected and played in the Off programming of the Street Arts International Festival «Châlon Dans La Rue.

Interventions in street guided

tours strolls in the nature

sound and bright installations

Everything  (almost) is possible !


Festival d'Arkhangelsh 2017 (Russia) ... on the TV !!!

Festival Sortilèges, Rues et Vous 2012 - Ath (Belgium)


La Fanfare D'occasion

is a small, ultra-mobile marching band that does whatever it pleases and does not stay in one place.

It brings together musicians, dancers, actors and clowns, all of them coming from one school of practice: improvisation.

The artists create a show based on situations and gatherings in which sounds, gestures, danses, music, or actions are immersed in the space and in the moment, giving us to see and understand everyday

life differently.

                                       Météo // Mulhouse Music Festival 2016


Festival La Ruée vert l'Art 2010

Saint-Affrique (12)

Fête de l'école 2010 de Najac (12)

photo: Adréa Wilkinson

Fête des Chars à la Noix 2010

Nailhac (24)

Les Folies du Parc 2010 Castelnau-Pegayrols (12)

photo: Gérard Benoit à la Guillaume

Festival Météo à Mulhouse // 28 août 2016 - L'Alsace

Festival Châlon dans la Rue ///27 juillet 2014 - Le Journal de Saône et Loire
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